NOV 24 - NOV 30   -OR-   NOV 24 - NOV 30


NOV 17 - NOV 23   -OR-   NOV 17 - NOV 23


        Manager Schedule 2014V(08/02)



Please be on notice for the following:


Food Policy effective today, November 7th requires that you are not

on the penalty list at all. Each and every time you miss a day,

you will lose this perfect attendance reward for 30 days for each occurrence.

Blackout days will be assessed double days (60).

After you have gone over 100 days, this is considered the 3 strike rule.


For years now, we have only been closed Christmas Day.

Thanksgiving Day is now considered an "STORE OPEN" holiday which

means it must be staffed. Everyone will be considered available to work

regardless of your available schedule due to the fact everyone is out of

school or college that day and weekend. You may request a certain time

of day however, not all request may be able to be accepted.

Failing to report on Thanksgiving Day is a Double Strike Day

resulting in a 60 day offense.

See Dan Only for time of day requests or questions for Thanksgiving.